A change of season and a new look

Hello folks! Happy Spring!

Okay, it’s not quite spring. But the snow is (mostly) gone, and the sun is shining (even though the temperatures are low). It’s close enough to feel that regeneration is in the air.

On that note, you may notice that this blog has a slightly new look! That is because it is now incorporated into my BRAND NEW professional website, Topaz Editing & Literary.

I am very excited to be officially launching my editing/writing business, and I am over the moon with the custom illustrations that my good friend Gab created for the website. You can find more of her work at gabriellehaynes.com. She is so talented. (Gab also designed my logo!)

As far as the blog goes, nothing much has changed. I will not be using it as a platform to advertise my business, although I may from time to time write about a project I am working on, if it fits into the vibe and intent of this space. You can still find my book reviews by going to topazliterary.com, only now you get to click on the lovely typewriter image to navigate to them. Or, if you want to bypass the homepage, you can go straight to topazliterary.com/blog/
Update your bookmarks if you so desire!

I’m not going to leave you high and dry here without any new bookish content, so allow me to direct you to my latest book review over at Write or Die Tribe, which is about emily m. danforth’s Plain Bad Heroines. This was one of my reading highlights from the past year—it is such a fun and creepy and gloriously enthralling book, with fantastic characters and absolutely stunning settings. And it has footnotes! With jokes in them! In my opinion, the comedic potential of footnotes is underused.

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Plain Bad Heroines, and you can go check out my review to find out more details.

Happy reading!

Image courtesy of HarperCollins Canada

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