Book lover, editor, writer,
cat mom.

Awards & Honours

2021 Editors Canada Claudette Upton Award

2021 Hall’s Island Artist Residency

Professional Development

Gender-Inclusive Editing: Becoming a Radical Copyeditor with Alex Kapitan — Editors Canada webinar, 2022

Editing Memoir with Tanya Gold, 2022

Indigenous Canada — University of Alberta MOOC, 2021

Countering Stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples — University of Alberta, 2021

Working with Indie Authors with Tanya Gold, 2021

Trauma-Informed Editing with
Iva Cheung — Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Inclusive Language as a Tool of Transformation with S. Kate Moore — Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Language, Gender, and Pronouns with James Harbeck — Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Editing Fiction at Sentence Level with Louise Harnby, 2021


Editors Canada Student Affiliate

Hi, I’m Lindsay.

I am an editor, writer, and podcaster living in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario. My pronouns are she/her, and my background is in English literature (University of Guelph). I am a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate.

I have an abiding love of language, story, grammar,
etymology, and the Oxford comma. I like nothing more than to tinker with words in order to find their perfect flow and meaning.

When not editing, I am a branch assistant at the Haliburton County Public Library. In this way I ensure that ALL of my working hours are spent surrounded by books in one way or another. My professional editing clients include Ivey Publishing, The Collaborative Summer Library Program, and Juniper Editing & Creative.

Outside of work, I read a ton of books (click here for my all-time favourites), write fiction, essays and book reviews, and co-host a podcast called Story Girls: A Fortnightly Podcast About Books, with a Dash of Absurdity. I also have two cats who demand quite a lot of time and attention.