Book lover, editor, writer,
cat mom.

Awards & Honours

2021 Editors Canada Claudette Upton Award

2021 Hall’s Island Artist Residency

Professional Development

Indigenous Canada – University of Alberta MOOC, 2021

Working with Indie Authors with Tanya Gold, 2021

Trauma-Informed Editing with
Iva Cheung – Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Inclusive Language as a Tool of Transformation with S. Kate Moore – Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Language, Gender, and Pronouns with James Harbeck – Editors Canada Conference session 2021

Editing Fiction at Sentence Level with Louise Harnby, 2021


Editors Canada Student Affiliate

Hi, I’m Lindsay.

I am an editor, writer, and podcaster living in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario. My pronouns are she/her, and my background is in English literature (University of Guelph). At the moment I am winding up Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate (with an expected completion date of autumn 2021).

I have an abiding love of language, story, grammar,
etymology, and the Oxford comma. I like nothing more than to tinker with words in order to find their perfect flow and meaning.

When not editing, I am a branch assistant at the Haliburton County Public Library. In this way I ensure that ALL of my working hours are spent surrounded by books in one way or another.

Outside of work, I read a ton of books (click here for my all-time favourites), write fiction, essays and book reviews, and co-host a podcast called Story Girls: A Fortnightly Podcast About Books, with a Dash of Absurdity. I am a proud student of Juniper Creative Academy, and you can find some of my writing at Write or Die Tribe. I also have three cats who demand quite a lot of time and attention.