Editing Services

I offer a variety of services to ensure that your language is clear and correct, and that your voice shines through.

Developmental Editing

The very first step in honing and shaping your manuscript, a developmental edit is for messy and glorious first drafts. It looks at big-picture elements such as narrative structure, setting, characterisation, theme, plot, and genre.

Developmental editing helps you shape your story into its best possible form before getting into the detailed work of the other types of editing.

Stylistic Editing

A close read of your manuscript, stylistic editing considers your work at the sentence level. I edit for flow and coherence, as well as consistency in narrative, tone, mood, and characterisation. Stylistic editing honours your authorial voice at all times.

I also provide personalized feedback on your unique writing strengths and ways to strengthen your craft.

Copy Editing

A comprehensive look at your manuscript. This type of editing typically happens after you are happy with the content and structure of the manuscript but want to make sure that it is error-free. I will edit for spelling, grammar, usage, consistency, and continuity. I also create a style guide for your project to track details, which I provide along with my final edit.


This editing stage occurs at the very end of the process. After the manuscript has your enthusiastic thumbs up and has undergone design and layout, I proofread the final product to give it one last keen look to catch any textual or graphic errors, check accuracy in captions, headers, footnotes, and all the nitty-gritty. Proofreading also ensures adherence to the design specifications for publication.

Conscious Language Assessment

Conscious language ensures that your words are used with intention and care so that they impact the reader in exactly the way you want them to. The English language is rife with words and phrases rooted in systems of oppression, and a conscious language assessment helps you to be aware of any unintentional effects that your language use might have. Read more about conscious language here.