Editing Services

I offer a variety of services to ensure that your language is clear and correct, and that your voice shines through.

Stylistic/Line Editing

A close read of your manuscript, stylistic editing considers your work at the sentence level. I edit for flow and coherence, as well as consistency in authorial voice, narrative, tone, mood, and characterisation. Stylistic editing honours your authenticity, enhances readability, and eliminates jargon.

I also provide personalized feedback on your unique writing strengths and ways to strengthen your craft.


This editing stage occurs at the very end of the process. After the manuscript has your enthusiastic thumbs up and has undergone design and layout, I proofread the final product to give it one last keen look to catch any textual or graphic errors, check accuracy in captions, headers, footnotes and all the nitty-gritty. Proofreading also ensures adherence to the design specifications for publication.

Copy Editing

A comprehensive look at your manuscript. This type of editing typically happens after you are happy with the content and structure of the manuscript, but want to make sure that it is error-free. I will edit for spelling, grammar, usage, consistency and continuity.

I also create a style guide for your project to track details, which I provide along with my final edit.


Does your book need an index? Indexing is an art and a science. Everyone who’s ever flipped through one in frustration and has not been able to locate what they are searching for knows that! Anticipating how the reader will want to search your content and seeking out themes and connections, I take pleasure in crafting a stellar index for your book.


“Working with Lindsay has changed my business. By stepping in as an editor, she has refined my content, identified risks and areas for improvement in our messaging and articles, and has minimized my own work objects. She is professional, knowledgeable, open and honest, and concise in the work that she does. You won’t regret hiring her.”

Jodene Wylie, Editor-in-Chief, Cloud Lake Literary

“I highly recommend working with Lindsay for your editing needs. As someone who is fairly new to writing, I can say that her support for my kidlit and prose compositions has been invaluable. She is prompt, direct, professional, and easy to work with. She has assisted me with invaluable creative criticism on my projects and I fully plan to continue utilizing her services moving forward.”

Noelia Marziali, author of The Fantastical Eyeball Exchange and Vatiman and the Birchbark Canoe

“With my first book I had no idea what I was doing and the guidance I received was scant. With my second book and Lindsay at the helm everything changed. It became a much easier process to navigate. I could ask questions, get help and guidance, and what I would term top notch editing. Lindsay went beyond all expectations. She made suggestions, politely corrected some of my most shocking errors of both fact and grammar, polished and shined and loved my book just as much as me. When I handed her my book I stopped worrying and knew it was in good hands with someone who not only has an eye for detail but is so obviously switched on she could help steer this book in the right direction. Put simply I trust her implicitly and wouldn’t think twice about using her for my next project.”

Gabrielle Harris, award-winning author of The Language of Yin and The Inspired Yoga Teacher

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